Disinfection of interior and exterior surfaces.


On walls, ceilings, facades and roofs that have been attacked by alga, moss and mould. Can be used on microbially attacked plaster, wood, paint, concrete, sand lime brick, brick walls, plaster board, wallpaper as well as concrete and clay tile.




Use roller, brush, compression sprayer or the following electronic spray equipment/foggers: Flex-A-Lite 2600 CE-EP, Fogmaster Tri-Jet (see homepage or product/price list).


Mould remediation (indoor)

Pre-treat mould stains with some (approx. 0.5-1 dl/m2) MicroKill Ag Forte to inactivate as many spores as possible before the actual cleaning. (Otherwise an amount of seed carrying spores might be spread. These seeds would then attack other spots in the house). Leave on for 1-2 hours.
After the first treatment with MicroKill Ag Forte rinse the surface and brush/tear off condiogenous carriers (visible mould) with a synthetic brush and hot soapy water. During this process wear protective equipment. Rinse/wipe away soap residues with at damp cloth.
Apply MicroKill Ag Forte on attacked surfaces – mould stains plus 100-200 mm must be completely covered. Let product dry on the surface for 24 hours. If necessary, repeat procedure.
In case of severe attacks to wallpaper and thick layers of paint, remove the top wallpaper/paint coating instead of just rinsing the surface. In some instances it might even be necessary to remove the attacked plastering with a hammer. If necessary, apply Concrobium first to encapsulate the spores. Eliminate the removed plaster immediately.


Alga and mould remediation (outdoor)

Mould, moss and alga are removed from exterior surfaces by means of a high-pressure cleaner observing the legal requirements. A previous treatment with an alkaline cleaning fluid like Rivolta B.W.R. 210 will facilitate the cleaning and permit a gentle cleaning of the surfaces. Plants and pollen should be eliminated mechanically and/or burnt off.

Apply MicroKill Ag Forte undiluted to the attacked surface and leave to dry. Depending on the attacked area the process may be repeated. Do not rinse or wipe away afterwards 



1 liter covers approx. 2.5-10 m2 (depending on the attacked area and the surface). This corresponds to a 100-400 ml/m2 consumption. The actual coverage can be ascertained in a trial application.


Compatibility with other materials

MicroKill Ag Forte må ikke blandes med anden form for kemi.



The product is durable for at least 12 months without a loss of efficacy. MicroKill can be stored in compression sprayer or the like.


Rinsing of tools

After use, rinse thoroughly with water.

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