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Unique, safe, versatile and efficient odour con-

trol More about Vaportek


Powerful cleaner that removes heavy organic/biological contamination Læs mere om Benefect 

New, revolutionary weapon against mould More about Concrobium


Unique dust barrier system - installed a few minutes More about ZipWall


Leading American manufacturer of drying equipment etc. Læs mere om Phoenix affugtere




Innovative and environmentally friendly products for the european fire and flood restoration industry


Products from NAC Europe have been selected among world leading manufacturers of the most innovative and environmentally friendly products for the fire and flood restoration industry. More about NAC



Serum 1000


Serum 1000 is revolutionizing the process of removing and cleaning mould in homes and structures.

NAC Europe introduce Serum 1000 as a brand new weapon for super-effective mould remediation.


The restoration industry can now offer insurance companies, housing associations, industrial enterprises etc. a new and revolutionary way to clean harmful and destructive mould.


The combination of Serum 1000's unique product features along with special application tools makes this system the fastest, most efficient and most economical method for cleaning and removing mould from building structures.


Read more about Serum


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NAC New European Distributor of American Phoenix Restoration Equipment
NAC introduce ”One of the World Best Dehumidifiers”
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Phoenix R200
New top modern dehumidifier with LGR technology
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Phoenix CAM Centrifugal Air Mover
New lightweight air mover with ultra low ampere draw
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NAC - total supplier 2009
2009 - NAC Europe will be your total supplier to the European fire and flood restoration industry. Enjoy!
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Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry