Atomic S-100 Black Max (alkaline cleaner)



Special water based cleaner for the damage restoration industry.
Atomic S-100 Black Max is our top cleaner for fire and soot damages.
Perfect balance between cleaning power and a pH value of 13. 

S-100 is a universally applicable cleaning concentrate used to remove soot, synthetic, animal, vegetable and mineral oils and greases, fuels and other hydrocarbons.

S-100 can be used, for example, when cleaning mild as well as severe soot layers after smoke and fire damage. S-100 dissolves and removes all organic pollution after water and sewer damages.


S-100 efficiently dissolves blood and body fluids from accidents and corpse findings etc. S-100 is excellent for removing the above mentioned pollution from brick, asphalt, concrete, wood, wallpaper, terrazzo and other porous surfaces, but can also be used for cleaning metal surfaces.


Instructions for use:

When using the product the first time, it is recommended to do some tests on a less visible spot, especially for water-based paints.

Apply concentrated or diluted with water up to max. 1:30, depending on type and degree
of contamination. Apply S-100 and wait a while for optimal penetration. The product should not dry on the surface. Apply with a brush, sponge or spray/foam with our special compression sprayers. Extra heavy contamination can be mechanically removed/dissolved using, for example the CaddyClean scrubbing machine. Afterwards use the Gregomatic vacuum-washing system on floors, walls and ceilings. The system deeply cleanses the surface which is left 100% free of residues.

Atomic S-100 is approved for use in the Gregomatic vacuum-washing system.

Canister of 10 litre.
Minimum order: 2 x 10 litre.