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Gregomatic – smart technology, simple to use for a perfect result

Cold tapwater is sprayed and swirled by the use of subpressure, binding and extracting the dirt out of the pores - including invisible nanoparticles. Thus any type of surface, no matter how irregular and porous, is freed from dirt to a depth of 10 mm. A closed circuit with separated clean and soiled water tanks ensures an easy and environmentally compliant disposal of the waste. Specifically designed aggregates allow the application on a large variety of surface constructions.

Thanks to its closed circuit, the vacuum-washing process prevents dust and germs from being released into the ambient air and limits too high air moisture. The system permits the neutralisation of soiled water and the separate disposal of toxic waste if required. No waste water runs down the walls and ceilings, the surfaces are instantly dry. No mechanical, chemical, aqueous or vaporous damages occur. Since Gregomatic does work with cold tapwater only and without any adjunction of chemical products, it avoids water pollution and ecological damage, hence enducing ecological behaviour which has become of paramount importance in the cleaning business these days.


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