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"We Cannot do as Usual, We have to Think Innovatively"

When I founded NAC Europe 10 years ago my many years of experience with the selling of industrial chemicals from leading American and German companies made it clear to me that NAC Europe could make a difference within the fire and flood restoration industry.

So far, the restoration industry has been relying on potentially harmful chemical products to solve the many different jobs they face on a day to day basis. Within disinfection and mould remediation the industry has been applying environmentally hazardous biocides and other dangerous chemicals in order to kill disease-causing germs and mould. At odour neutralizing jobs ozone machines and harsh chemicals sprayed with foggers have been used for years. Because these products are hazardous to restoration crews and residents, and due to increased public focus on human health in connection with the use of chemical products, the restoration industry is facing several challenges and important decisions have to be made.

Furthermore, the EU have just passed the "REACH" regulation which also describes the "Principle of Substitution".
The Principle of Substitution states that industry has to act responsibly by making an effort to substitute potentially harmful products for less harmful products!

The products from NAC Europe have been selected from World leading manufacturers of the most innovative and eco-friendly products used in the fire and flood restoration industry.

We focus on offering the industry safe and sustainable alternatives to the products that are presently used. Not only do we endeavour to supply a product, we wish to supply a complete, solid and carefully prepared solution that will be met with great acceptance by restoration crews, residents and insurance companies.

On a competitive market the companies with a good image and brand will over time be most successful. By implementing the products from NAC Europe your company will show the public that you make conscious choices which signal respon-sibility to the environment and humans. This strengthens your image - and consequently also your competitiveness.

Enjoy our homepage.

Jesper Natorp

Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry