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The Serum System is a two-product system that redefines the process of remediating indoor air quality and organic contamination in structures. The system consists of Serum 1000 and Serum 2000.


Serum 1000 is step one of the system. Serum 1000 is the cleaner, remover of organic contamination on surfaces. It literally boils the contamination out of porous surfaces up into the generated foam. Once all contamination is no longer attached, given an hour to air dry, simply HEPA vacuum all surfaces to remove the loosened organic material. Once the organics have been removed, the surface will pass any clearance test.


Serum 2000 is step two of the system. Serum 2000 is the long term protection against organic stain damage. Once the surface has been cleaned with Serum 1000, the Serum 2000 can be applied to provide the long term protection against organic stain damage.


"The Serum System" consists of a new, patent pending method of organic matter removal, without the traditional labor requirements.


The new revolutionary remediation system that reduces labor, turns projects faster and increases profits.

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New innovative disinfectant for mould etc.


MicroKill Ag Forte is a ready-to-use disinfectant (oxidizer) with an outstanding effectiveness against mould, bacteria, virus, yeast, protozoa and alga.
MicroKill Ag Forte contains stabilised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag).


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Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry