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NAC New European Distributor of American Phoenix Restoration Equipment

NAC introduce ”One of the World Best Dehumidifiers”

We are very proud that we have become the European distributor of drying equipment produced by American Phoenix Restoration Equipment.


Phoenix Restoration Equipment is a leading manufacturer of drying equipment for water damage restoration professionals.


In North America where hurricanes, floodings, tornados and other natural disasters happen frequently the demands on professional restoration equipment are high.


Over the past 10-15 years Phoenix Restoration Equipment have been among the preferred manufacturers of high-tech LGR dehumidifiers etc. in North America. Phoenix Restoration Equipment are highly respected because of their high performance products and innovative technologies and will continue to revolu-tionize the restoration industry.


Phoenix provides the most reliable and efficient equipment in the industry – giving you exactly what you need to dry fast, smart and profitably.

NAC Europe now introduce the top modern Phoenix R200 LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier and the energy efficient and effective centrifugal air mover CAM in Europe.



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Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry