Magic Peel - Cleaning WITHOUT water


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Self-vulcanising dry cleaning paste.

Magic Peel is a self-vulcanising dry cleaning paste for interior cleaning. To remove dust, soot,
nicotine residue and other soiling on interior walls, ceilings, floors, stucco, natural stone, marble, concrete, brick, render, gypsum sculptures, polished wood, synthetic materials, and works of art,
etc without using water or solvents. Magic Peel is a paste that polymerises to a translucent film
which is simply, easily and safely peeled away. It is especially efficient for fire damage cleanup.



No nuisance by water, ideal for indoor cleaning,
being a dry process so:

•  Existing salts are not dissolved again in the stone mass.
•  No risks for underlying works of art.
•  No risks for staining.
•  No formation of mildew.
•  The pores are also cleaned.
•  The deeper profiles are also cleaned.
•  No chemical after-effect.
•  User-friendly.
•  No attacks on gypsum restorations.
•  Very economic method for cleaning (airless spraying).
•  No risk of pollutants migrating into the capillaries of the surface.



Brush, roller, spatula or airless sprayer.

Consumption per m2: 0.7-1.0 kg on even surfaces / 1.0-3.0 kg on uneven surfaces.

Film Thickness: 2-3 mm - Drying period min. 24 hours max. 36 hours.

Minimum application temperature 8°C.


Contains 17 kg.















Corrosion protection in fire and water damage situations


For more than 30 years the German company Rivolta has been the supplier of high quality maintenance products to the European industry. Rivolta's high-tech, special cleaning systems and fully synthetic oils for corrosion protection are well known and highly respected by industry experts. NAC offers the European disaster restoration industry Rivolta’s user-friendly K.S.P. oils for quick, super efficient corrosion protection, in case of water damages to industrial machines, parts and similar.


K.S.P. gives an excellent corrosion protection. The extremely low surface tension of K.S.P. provides a quick and efficient coverage of the surfaces to be protected. The high creeping ability (capillary activity) ensures, that the product in an effective way penetrates into small cracks and crevices. K.S.P. forms a thin and especially tight molecular film on metal etc. This film prevents the formation of rust and guarantees an extremely efficient temporary corrosion protection. K.S.P. has a strong water - and moisture displacing effect.


Corrosion protection in case of fire and water damages:

Machines and other sensitive pieces must be treated as soon as possible with K.S.P. Is applied with a handheld sprayer. It is also possible to apply K.S.P. with a compressed-air sprayer. K.S.P secures that specialized machines and similar can be restored to original
condition and value - hereby a lot of money is saved.


In case of long-term corrosion protection use K.S.P. 317/325.
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- if you have any doubts.







Rivolta B.S.E. - Safety rust remover

Bio-degradable, highly concentrated safety rust remover.
• Free of mineral acids - environmentally friendly - really good material compatibility.
• Removes rust, iron scale and other corrosion residue and limescale deposits.
• Used in manufacturing industries, on damage restoration jobs, crafts, garages, vehicle
   fleets, food industry, wastewater treatment plants, etc.
• Can be diluted with water by up to 1:30. The mixing ratio of B.S.E. depends on the
   chemical composition and film thickness of the waste product. A temperature increase
   to 70°C will improve the dissolution considerably.
• Can be used in many cleaning processes such as washdowns, submergence and spray
   cleaning. Also suitable for ultrasonic systems.

Material compatibility:
Rivolta B.S.E. behaves neutrally to lacquers, plastics and rubber. Not suitable for zinc
and zinc-coated surfaces. After the treatment aluminium has to be flushed with water.

B.S.E. contains corrosion inhibitors because of which shiny metal parts are protected against corrosion after the treatment.
To achieve long-term protection follow-up treatment with RIVOLTA's corrosion products from the K.S.P. product group.

Free of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid.
11 kg

















Skin protection cream for use with water soluble substances.


SamoLind is an instant absorbing, perfume- and silicone-free skin protection cream (oil-in-water-emulsion, O/W). It is intended for use in working circumstances where the skin comes into contact with water-soluble working, skin irritating and harmful products. SamoLind soaks into the skin within seconds without leaving a greasy residue providing the skin with moisture from Glycerine to prevent the skin drying out. In addition, SamoLind contains Vitamin E to soothe red and stressed skin and thus prevent skin disorders. SamoLind is particularly suitable for use in connection with food preparation


Area of Application:

Use SamoLind wherever there is a need for perfume-free skin protection in connection with water soluble substances. It is suitable for use in kitchens, care homes, clinics, industry, hotels, restaurants, etc. SamoLind protects the skin from direct contact with aqueous, skin irritating and harmful working substances such as water, alcohol, food substances, disinfection solutions, acids, lye, salt, lime, cement, plaster and water-soluble cutting fluids as well as dishwashing and cleaning products. Use SamoLind before working with Serum 1000, MicroKill, alkaline and acidic cleaning fluids etc.



• Protects the skin against aqueous solvents and harmful substances.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.
• Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residues.
• Free of perfume, colourants and silicone.
• High user acceptance.
• Helps the skin’s natural rejuvenation process.


Available in boxes of 12.