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Vacuum-Washing of surfaces - a Swiss success story


In the 1980s the term "surface cleanliness" was redefined. With great technical aptitude and perseverance, Swiss inventor Gottfried Gremminger developed a high-performing yet structure preserving vacuum-washing process - the Gregomatic washing automat was born and received three gold medals at international invention fairs.


The company Gregomatic AG was acquired in July 2008 by ABTell Wertschöpfungs AG headquartered in Cham ZG, thereby securing sustainable business development for the future. Out of the merger of Grego AG and Gregomatic AG arises a strong group which gathers production, marketing and international sales together under a single umbrella. Experience bundled with expertise are the ingredients for a sustainable success.

Gregomatic is a concept that focuses on sustainability in every regard. A robust, reliable, energy and water saving device that is able to deeply cleanse the pores and to simoultaneously remove the soiled water while preserving the surface itself and the environment. A smart yet simple system: its userfriendliness and versatility are captivating.


Gregomatic does not only effectively and carefully remove conventional dust and dirt, but also grease,  bacteria and poisonous substances from surfaces of any material and any structure.












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