Phoenix R200 Dehumidifier



Phoenix R200 is an advanced, new type of dehumidifiers with LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) technology. Generally speaking dehumidifiers with LGR technology are 20-30% more efficient than conventional dehumidifiers although they use less energy. The R200 is an advanced LGR dehumidifier with many technical finesses and great features. You should seriously consider making your next dehumidifier purchase one with LGR technology. Drying technology has progressed and a Phoenix R200 dehumidifi er offers you greater drying ability than previous designs.
The Phoenix R200 is a significant leap forward in dehumidifier design.


Removes more than 52 litre per day at AHAM (26,7°C/60% RH).

• U.S. Patented BYPASS technology – increased performance over a wide
   temperature range.
• The driest air from an LGR fi nishes jobs quicker.
• Draws only 3,7 amps (851 Watt) and removes 2,7 ltr./kw.
• Solid state digital controls.
• Blower: Integrated auto 442 m3/hr without external ducting – quick drying
   and perfect static pressure for hose.
• Built-in automatic bilge pump – allows the condensate to be pumped 5 m
   above the unit.
• Protected condensate hose.
• Telescoping handle.
• Recessed 30 cm soft, semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transportation.
• Stacks easily reducing storage space.
• Low noise level.
• Branding/private label. R200 can be supplied in your own company colour
   with your own company label.



New advanced LGR technology


LGR Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier with LGR technology improves on conventional refrigerant designs by
pre-cooling the air to increase water removal efficiency. The Phoenix R200 uses a special air-to-air heat exchanger to cool down the air before it passes over the super-cooled coils. This allows the R200 to create lower specific humidity (drier air) that
helps remove bound moisture from structural materials. As an added bonus, the air-to-air heat exchanger does not use any so that amp draw stays low.



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