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Benefect is the World first and only 100% botanical disinfectant. Benefect kills bacteria, vira and mould spores in connection with grey or black water damage etc.


In a very short time Benefect has become the preferred disinfectant within the fire and flood restoration industry in both North America and now also in many European countries.


Benefect is sustainable disinfection, completely safe for residents and restoration crews.


"Disinfection is essential - but botanical disinfection is just sensible".


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New innovative disinfectant for mould etc.

MicroKill Ag Forte is a ready-to-use disinfectant (oxidizer) with an outstanding effectiveness against mould, bacteria, virus, yeast, protozoa and alga.

MicroKill Ag Forte contains stabilised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag). Silver is a strong accelerator which multiplies the disinfecting impact against micro-organisms.


MicroKill Ag Forte is simple and safe to use. During the disinfection only oxygen (O2) and water are released. The product residues are invisible and non-toxic. MicroKill Ag Forte does not release toxic fumes and is neither cancer-causing nor gene modifying.


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Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry