BioDetect - SystemSure Plus Instrument



The BioDetect system allows water restoration professionals, IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, mould remediation contractors, insurance companies, etc. the ability to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively test for mould and bacteria contamination of water damaged materials.


The BioDetect system uses a patented biochemical technology to provide accurate and reliable results that allow the user to determine the degree of biological contamination on surfaces within 15 seconds.


The primary application for the BioDetect system is to determine the initial contamination level of surfaces before remedi-ation and to document the level of cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness after mould abatement and remediation activities.


FAST: Results in 15 seconds
ACCURATE: +/- 5 percent variability
COST-EFFECTIVE: Less than 10% the cost of other testing
EASY TO USE: No specialized training required
EASY TO INTERPRET: Simple numeric display
EASY TO MANAGE: Includes data management software
Is delivered with complete manual.



Key features, SystemSure Plus Luminometer:


- Alphanumeric location IDs
- Dimensions (approx.): 258 g, 18x7x3 cm
- Detects down to 1 femtomole of ATP
- Programmable pass/fail settings
- Stores thousands of test results
- 250 programmable locations per sample plan
- Battery powered (standard AA)
- Runs 1000-2000 test on 2 AA batteries/charging
- No data loss due to battery or power failure
- RLU results 0-9999 RLU
- Start-up (calibration self-check): 60 sec
- Results in 15 seconds
- Robust (withstands drop from 1 m)
- Results shown as RLU or as symbols (pass/fail/caution)
- Warnings: low battery, memory and re-calibrate





Is delivered with complete manual with instructions for measuring biological contamination using SystemSure Plus etc.



 Product data sheet


 Product data sheet NL




Ultra Snap



Box containing 100 pcs.



Ultra Snap



Box containing 25 pcs.





Protective Carrying Case



Durable canvas, protective clear plastic front, shoulder strap, belt clip, storage for 25 Ultra Snap test swabs.


Swab Cooler Bag



For test swabs and SystemSure Plus.





BioDetect - PRO-Clean Test


PRO-Clean is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality. PRO-Clean
detects protein residues left on a surface after cleaning. Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if protein residue is present the reagent will turn purple. The colour change provides a semi-quantitative measure of the surface cleanliness. The
more contamination present, the quicker the colour change to purple and the darker the colour. PRO-Clean quickly validates the
hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken, if necessary.
Pro-25  25 units
Pro-100  100 units
Key features:
•  Results in under 10 minutes
•  All-in-one device – no instrumentation
•  18 months shelf life at room or refrigerated temperatures (2 - 25°C) (After production date)
•  Easy interpretation of results
•  Cost effective
The PRO-Clean Test uses patented biochemistry that allows users to easily perform testing for mould and water damage on
building materials, contents and other related surfaces.
The results from the PRO-Clean Test are obtained in less than a minute and are easily interpreted by a colour change indication.
The PRO-Clean Test detects the microscopic proteins associated with mould growth. The colours GREEN, GREY or PURPLE  indicate the degree of contamination on surfaces. If the test yields PURPLE colour result, then the surface sampled is significantly contaminated with mould and should be cleaned.
Using the PRO-Clean Test to identify if mould growth is present is a key step in determining how much mould removal or mould
remediation is necessary. Whether the mould remediation includes black mould removal or simple surface cleaning, the PRO-Clean Test can be used to perform pre and post testing after a mould removal project or mould remediation to ensure the quality of the work performed is satisfactory.