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Phoenix Centrifugal Air Movers

The most airflow using the fewest amps


Low Amp draw, balanced airflow characteristics and maximum velocities of 1741 m3/h are the foundation on which the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover is built. We made sure the body was the most rugged and durable it could be, to stand up to the rigors of the restoration industry.


Getting more equipment into the drying chamber is always a challenge. The typical household electrical system cannot support the amount of equipment needed to dry the structure quickly and efficiently ensuring a nonstop search for equipment that provides both performance and low amp draw.


The unique 1/3 horsepower design of the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover coupled with at two-speed switch allows the restoration technician to deliver the most airflow using the fewest amps. Maximum amp draw on high speed is 2 amps. Minimum amp draw on low speed is a mere 1.5 amps. This means that it is now possible to fit as many as 6 centrifugal air movers onto a typical 13 amp household circuit.


The CAM housing is stackable, washable, durable, and chemical resistant and multi-positionable. In addition, molded-in runners allow for the air mover to be positioned horizontally, 45° and 90° angles.



  • 2-speed, 1/3 hp motor with automatic-reset thermal protection.
  • Ultra low power consumption, CO2 friendly:
    2 Amps on High Speed
    1,5 Amps on Low Speed
  • Maximum Velocity 1741 m3/h
  • Directional Airflow
    Horizontal, 45° Angle, 90° Angle
  • Durable, rugged, chemical resistant housing, fan wheel, and control design.
  • Operator interface conveniently located for easy access, featuring: power indicator lamp and large three-position switch.
  • Ergonomic carry handle and power cord storage.
  • Non-marking, anti-skid, rubber feet.
  • Lightweight construction. Weight: only 11.5 kg




Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry