MicroKill Ag Forte 



Innovative disinfectant/oxidizing agent for efficient remediation of mould, bacteria, virus, yeast, protozoa and alga etc.


MicroKill Ag Forte is a ready-to-use disinfectant (oxidizing agent) with an outstanding effect on mould, bacteria, virus, yeast, protozoa, alga etc.
MicroKill Ag Forte is simple and safe to use. During disinfection only oxygen (O2) and water are released. The product components left, are invisible and nontoxic. MicroKill Ag Forte releases no toxic fumes and is not cancer-causing or mutagenic. In connection with mould remediation and disinfection after water and sewage damage, etc. the oxidizing power of MicroKill will also eliminate odours.


Odourless - unproblematic processing without unpleasant smells

MicroKill is 100% free of chlorine substances including chlorine dioxide and therefore releases no chlorine odour or other unpleasant smells. The fact that MicroKill is odourless is an advantage when treating/spraying in residential areas and other places where you may fi nd people who can be sensitive to chemical exposure such as children and elderly persons.
MicroKill does not develop harmful gases by accidental mixing with acidic liquids, as is the case with chlorine-based disinfectants. Although MicroKill is odourless, the user must wear personal protective equipment, for example when spraying or wet-fogging large areas. 


Product Data

The active ingredient of the product is the environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide that, in a comprehensive process, has been stabilized and enhanced catalytically in its effect against microorganisms using silver (Ag). This results in a proliferation of the disinfecting effect compared to normal hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
The elementary oxygen (O2) released by hydrogen peroxide, attacks the mould cell walls by direct contact. Since oxygen reacts chemically with cell wall molecules, these will be impacted and degraded, leading to an immediate cell death and thus to a destruction of the treated mycel (mould).


Fields of application

Disinfection of interior and exterior surfaces. On walls, ceilings, facades and roofs infested by mould. Can be applied to plaster, wood, paint, concrete, sand lime brick, brick walls, plasterboard, wallpaper and concrete roof tiles and bricks attacked by mould. Use MicroKill as a disinfectant in institutions, private homes, food industry etc.


Use the MicroKill sprayer or other suitable spraying equipment.
MicroKill is suitable for use in ULV wet-foggers:
Flex-A-Lite 2600 CE-EP, Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208 or PulsFOG


Off-gassing test from eurofins available.


Disinfectant – ready for use against moulds, virus and bacteria, etc.
Available in 10 litre containers.
Minimum order 2 x 10 litre.


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