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The ZipWall® system was invented by a contractor and is the result of a long search for a quick method of establishing dust barriers. Normally, this job was done using tape, lathing, nails, staples etc. Not only is this a slow and expen- sive method, it will also spoil walls and ceilings. ZipWall® LLC has already been patented in the USA and in many other countries and patenting is con- tinously going on. The system is sold worldwide and - apart from building sites - it is used by the damage control industry, in hospitals, museums, airports, industry etc.

The most sensational product improvement ist the new ZipWall® SLP™ - Spring Loaded Pole. The advanced design makes this pole stronger, lighter and more durable. Furthermore, an effective production procedure means that the product can now be sold at a significantly low price.

.... and last but nut least: the many contractors who have tested the system totally agree in their enthusiastic and very positive evaluation of the product.

Innovative and environmentally sound products for the European fire and flood restoration industry