The story behind




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The story behind Serum System


Businessman, inventor and owner of Serum Products LLC Bill Lyon visited, New Orleans, USA in 2005 to study the collateral damage and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.


The collateral damages were immense. Extreme growth of mould in buildings and houses were among the major tasks that American restoration companies were struggling with. Bill observed how much manual work was required to stamp out the fast-growing, harmful and destructive mould.


The extremely extensive and very costly manual workload by removing and cleaning mould was Bill's inspiration for the development of the groundbreaking Serum 1000. Today, 6 years later, Serum 1000 has revolutionized the cleaning and remediation of mould from houses and buildings in North America. NAC Europe is the Serum Products LLC partner and exclusive distributor in Europe and sell Serum 1000 directly to the European disaster restoration industry. NAC Europe only sell Serum 1000 to authorized service partners (fire and flood restoration companies etc.) who have been trained in the proper handling and application techniques of the Serum products.


We teach, train and certify restoration staff in the proper handling and application of Serum products.




Katrina is the name of the hurricane that formed north of Cuba and crossed Florida to finally hit Louisiana during the period from August 23rd to 31st 2005. The hurricane was the first category 5 hurricane in modern times, while in the central parts of the Gulf of Mexico it was downgraded to Category 3 before it hit the city, where it caused dike breaches and extensive flooding. Katrina was one of the most deadly in U.S. history with 1,836 confirmed deaths. Katrina was the costliest hurricane so far in the U.S. with damages of around 81.2 billion dollar. Source: Wikipedia.





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